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Our publication scheme

The Information Commissioner's Office has defined a model publication scheme that all public authorities should follow, and has issued guidance for Higher Education Institutions on what information should be published. There are seven classes of information within the scheme and these are described on the tabs below:

1. Who we are and what we do

This section covers information relating to the organisation, structures, location and contacts of the University of Bradford. It includes information on the legal status of the University, which individual member of staff or group within the University is responsible for specific functions and where they fit in the overall structure of the University, information relating to organisations the University is responsible for or in partnership with and information on student activities.



Legal Framework

The University of Bradford was established by Royal Charter in 1966,  amendments were made in March 2006 Council - Charter (pdf 101kb) and a very minor amendment in June 2009 Council Charter Amendment: 10 June 2009 (pdf 9kb). Statutes were also amended in 2006 Council - Statutes (pdf 168kb) Statute 15 was amended in February 2009 Council Statute 15 Amendment, 11 February 2009 (pdf 255kb).

 1.2 How the University of Bradford is organised The Charter, Statutes, (see above), Ordinances and Regulations represent the instruments of governance.    
Information about how the University is governed is contained in the Council - Statement of Primary Responsibilities (pdf 16kb).    

The University expects members of Council to abide by the Committee of University Chairmen Guide for Members of Governing Bodies of Universities and Colleges in England and Northern Ireland.

They are also expected to uphold the Standards in Public Life as outlined in the 3rd Nolan Report. They also sign a declaration annually to this effect.

Membership and terms of reference of Court, Council and Senate and other University committees.    
Information for contacting the University departments can be found on the University's Faculties and Directorates page.    
Information on the the way the University is organised can be found in this University of Bradford Organisation Chart v. 13 - 13 May 2014 (pdf 199kb).    
 1.3 Local and contact details Location and travel information can be found through the Contact page.
Information for contacting the University, individuals can be found on the University's Contacts page.    
Information on the Senior Management Team can be found on the SMT site.    
 1.4 Lists of and information relating to organisations which the University has responsibility for, those it works in partnership with, those it sponsors and companies wholly owned by it. Information on organisations that the University of Bradford is in Collaborative Provision regarding delivery of programmes with are on our Partner Institutions page.    
Information on the University's wholly-owned companies and companies that it has an interest in are on the existing Governance page.    
Financial information on the University's wholly or partially-owned companies is provided in the Financial Statements.    
 1.5  Student activities  Information about the University Students' Union, including its constitution and code of practice, is available from the Students' Union, which also maintains a list of its own officers.    
Information about constitutions, codes of practice and committee memberships and societies is also maintained by the Students' Union.    

2. What we spend and how we spend it

This section covers financial information relating to the University of Bradford's projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit. Information that may damage the University's commercial interests is excluded from the publication scheme.

 2.1 Funding/income Information on the University's sources of funding and income is included in the Financial Memorandum between the University and the Higher Education Funding Council for England.    

The University provides a breakdown of its income and information in relation to capital investment in its Operating and Financial Review and Financial Statements. For further information contact the Director of Finance.

 2.2 Budgetary and account information

The University's Annual Accounts are published and available for inspection. They include the University's statement of corporate governance and information on capital expenditure.

Budgetary and account information is maintained by the Finance Department. For further information contact the Director of Finance.

Information about planning procedures can be obtained by emailing the Directorate of Planning and Governance. NB This link will soon become available.    
The University's University Strategy outlines the University's key objectives.    
 2.3 Financial audit reports The independent Auditor's report to the University is published in the Financial Statements.    
 2.4 Capital programme Investment relating to capital investment and plans is available in the Operating and Financial Review and Financial Statements. For further information contact the Director of Finance.    
 2.5 Financial regulations The University's Financial Regulations govern financial procedures.    
 2.6 Staff pay and grading structures Information about salary structure is on the Human Resources website.    
 2.7  Register of suppliers  For information on suppliers contact Purchasing Services.    
 2.8 Procurement and tender procedures and reports The Purchasing site  describes the University's procurement procedures.    
The University publishes terms and conditions for contracting and for the supply of goods and services.    
The University's electronic tendering site contains information on existing contracts and tenders, and contracts and tenders currently available.    
 2.9  Contracts Details of contracts over £140,000 that have gone through a formal tendering process are published in the Tenders Electronic Daily (Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union).    
2.10 Research funding Information about funded research at the University of Bradford is available through the Research and Knowledge Transfer site. Quarterly summaries of funded research are prepared for Council and are recorded in Council papers.    

3. What our priorities are and how we are doing

This section contains information on the University's strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

 3.1 Annual review The University publishes an Annual Report 2011-12 (pdf 3494kb) which is available from Marketing Communications.    
 3.2 Corporate and business planning The University's Corporate Plan, including its vision, aims and values is also available from Marketing and Communications.    
 3.3 Teaching and learning strategy The University's strategy for Learning and Teaching is available online.    
 3.4 Academic quality and standards Information on Bradford's internal procedures for assuring academic quality and standards can be found on the Academic Quality Partnerships Office (AQPO). The University's Academic Quality Handbook provides the overall framework for assuring academic quality and standards, which are governed by the University's Ordinances and Regulations.    
Further information about the following procedures can be found on the AQPO website: Programme Periodic Review, Programme Enhancement and Guidance on the Recognition of Prior Learning.    
Qualitative data on the quality and standards of learning and teaching are contained in the Programme Periodic Review, which is held in the Academic Quality Partnerships Office.    
Feedback from Bradford's graduates collected through the National Student Survey is available from the Unistats website.    
 3.5 External review information Programme specifications are available on the Academic Quality Partnerships Office site.    
The processes for programme approval,  review, suspension and withdrawal are outlined in the Academic Quality Handbook, Programme Design and Approval and Programme Suspension and Withdrawal pages.    
Information on annual monitoring and review processes are available from the Academic Quality Partnerships Office.    
Accreditation and monitoring reports by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies are maintained by individual departments, which can be contacted via the Faculties page and the Academic Quality Partnerships Office.    
Outcomes of QAA audit and reviews are maintained locally by the Academic Quality and Enhancement Office and nationally by QAA.    
Outcomes of the Research Assessment Exercise are maintained locally by the Media Centre and nationally by Higher Education and Research Assessment Exercise site.    
 3.6 Corporate relations Information on the University's links with employers can be found on the Partnerships site and in the Corporate Plan.    
 3.7 Government and regulatory reports The results of external scrutiny are held locally by the Academic Quality Partnerships Office and also nationally by the bodies to which returns are made. These include the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Higher Education Early Statistics Survey returns, the Research Assessment Exercise site and the QAA audit.    

4. How we make decisions

This section covers information about the University's decision making processes and records of its decisions. In some instances information from committee minutes will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, information that may damage the commercial interests of the University or that may threaten the health and safety of specific individuals.

 4.1 Minutes from governing body, Council, Senate and academic boards Minutes and agendas of Council.    
Summary and agendas of Court.    
Minutes and agendas of the Senate.    
Minutes and papers of Boards of Studies and committees of academic departments are available through the Faculties page.    

Other information on the relevant sub-committees and their associated minutes can be found at: -

 4.2 Learning and Teaching committee minutes  Minutes of the Learning and Teaching Committee.    
 4.3 Minutes of staff/student consultation meetings

Departments liaise with students mainly through their Boards of Studies or through staff-student liaison committees. Minutes from these meetings can be obtained through the various Faculties: 

Engineering and Informatics

Health Studies:

SSLC - School of Health Studies Allied Health Prof: 12 December 2012 (pdf 31kb)

SSLC - Midwifery: 27 November 2012 (pdf 82kb);

SSLC - Midwifery: 12 December 2012 (pdf 83kb).

Life Sciences:

Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences: -

SSLC - AGES: 31 October 2012 (pdf 148kb);

SSLC - AGES: 05 December 2012 (pdf 32kb);

SSLC - AGES: 27 February 2013 (pdf 35kb);

SSLC - AGES: 01 May 2013 (pdf 30kb).

Biomedical Sciences: -

SSLC - Biomedical Sciences: 29 October 2012 (pdf 57kb);

SSLC - Biomedical Sciences: 03 December 2012 (pdf 58kb);

SSLC - Biomedical Sciences: 11 February 2013 (pdf 57kb);

SSLC - Biomedical Sciences: 15 April 2013 (pdf 56kb).

Chemistry: -

SSLC - Chemistry: 14 November 2012 (pdf 37kb);

SSLC - Chemistry: 30 January 2013 (pdf 28kb);

SSLC - Chemistry: 24 April 2013 (pdf 29kb).

Clinical Sciences: -

SSLC - Clinical Sciences: 31 October 2012 (pdf 89kb);

SSLC - Clinical Sciences: 05 December 2012 (78kb);

SSLC - Clinical Sciences: 13 February 2013 (pdf 78kb);

SSLC - Clinical Sciences: 10 April 2013 (pdf 39kb).

Integrated Sciences: -

SSLC - Integrated Science: 29 October 2012 (pdf 25kb);


SSLC - Integrated Science: 21 February 2013 (pdf 70kb);

SSLC - Integrated Science: 22 February 2013 (pdf 22kb);

SSLC - Integrated Science: 25 April 2013 (pdf 19kb).

Pharmaceutical Management: -

SSLC - Pharmaceutical Mgt: 20 November 2012 (pdf 52kb);

SSLC - Pharmaceutical Mgt: 04 March 2013 (pdf 32kb);

SSLC - Pharmaceutical Mgt: 29 April 2013 (pdf 32kb).

Pharmacy: -

SSLC - Pharmacy: 23 October 2012 (pdf 51kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 29 October 2012 (pdf 53kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 05 November 2012 (pdf 54kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 27 November 2012 (pdf 42kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 03 December 2012 (pdf 33kb);


SSLC - Pharmacy: 29 January 2013 (pdf 22kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 04 February 2013 (pdf 45kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 26 February 2013 (pdf 41kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 11 March 2013 (pdf 43kb);

SSLC - Pharmacy: 09 April 2013 (pdf 38kb).


SSLC - Management MBA: 27 February 2013 (pdf 17kb);

SSLC - Management: 7 November 2012 (pdf 26kb);

SSLC - Management: 6 February 2013 (pdf 25kb);

SSLC - School of Management Accelerated MBA: 21 March 2013 (pdf 16kb);

SSLC - School of Management FT MBA: 05 November 2012 (pdf 19KB);

SSLC - School of Management Full-Time MBA: 17 April 2013 (pdf 19kb);

SSLC - School of Management Law: 07 November 2012 (pdf 52kb);

SSLC - School of Management Law: 12 March 2013 (pdf 35kb);

SSLC - School of Management MSc: 06 February 2013 (pdf 16kb);

SSLC - School of Management MSc: 07 November 2012 (pdf 25kb);

SSLC - MBA: 24 April 2013 (pdf 20kb);

SSLC - MBA: 24 April 2013 (pdf 20kb).

Social and International Studies:

SSIS School Council: 27 February 2013 (pdf 21kb);

SSIS School Council: 10 April 2013 (pdf 18kb);

SSLC - BCID: 23 October 2012 (pdf 15kb);

SSLC - BCID: 14 February 2013 (pdf 73kb);

SSLC - BCID: 11 March 2013 (pdf 14kb);

SSLC - Criminal and Justice Studies: 17 October 2012 (pdf 33kb);

SSLC - Criminal Justice Studies: 27 February 2013 (pdf 14kb);

SSLC - Economics: 20 November 2012 (pdf 36kb);

SSLC - Economics: 13 February 2013 (pdf 33kb);

SSLC - Economics: 20 March 2013 (pdf 14kb);

SSLC - Peace Studies: 18 October 2012 (pdf 67kb);

SSLC - Peace Studies: 13 February 2013 (pdf 40kb);

SSLC - Peace Studies: 20 March 2013 (pdf 53kb);

SSLC - Psychology: 13 February 2013 (pdf 88kb);

SSLC - Social Work and Social Care: 17 October 2012 (pdf 25kb);

SSLC - Social Work and Social Care: 13 February 2013 (pdf 12kb).

 4.4 Appointment committees and procedures Information on Governance and Nominations Committee is available through the appropriate web pages. Minutes are held by Committee Secretary.    
 4.5 Further information See the Committees page for further information on University Committees and links to committee minutes. Further information can be found from the University Secretary.    

5. Our policies and procedures

This section covers information on the University of Bradford's current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities. The University also maintains a schedule of its major policy documents and their review dates.

 5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting University business The Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations represent the instruments of governance.    
Procedures for handling requests for information are maintained by the Legal and Governance Officer in line with the University's Freedom Of Information policy and the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs "Code of Practice on the discharge of public authorities" functions under Part I of the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.    
The University operates an Ethical Investment Policy in relation to its own investment of funds. The External Affairs department maintain policies and procedures in relation to both Fundraising Policy (Word 219kb)    
The University's Events Policy (PDF, 827 KB)    
 5.2 Procedures and policies relating to academic services Lists of honorary degrees awarded are given on the Graduation site, and an Honorary Graduand pro forma should be completed when nominating candidates for the award and the procedure is on the Graduation site.    
Examinations and assessment regulations are contained in the relevant Ordinances and Regulations. They are supported by the Guide to Assessment policies and procedures. There are also departmental statements of assessment.    
The Breaches, Appeals and Complaints section provides information on the procedure to be followed in case of breach of examination regulations, contained in the Procedure on Academic Misconduct and a Statement of Academic Integrity provide information on Appeals and Complaints procedures.    
Information on the procedures for changing course is contained in the University Ordinances and Regulations. Further information an be obtained from Student Administration Services.    
 5.3 Procedures and policies relating to student services Information about student accommodation is maintained by the Accommodation Office. The information available includes Guides to Accommodation provided by the University and by private landlords during term time and vacations; information about residence charges, the code of practice for student accommodation; and the other residents' handbook.    
Regulations on registration, residence and payment of fees are in the University's Ordinances and Regulations and on the Paying Your Tuition Fees site.    
The Head of Student Administration & Support is responsible for maintaining records for students at University level. University policies in relation to the maintenance of student records are contained in the University's Policy, Procedure and Guidelines under the Data Protection Act 1998 and in the Records Management Strategy.    
Academic departments maintain records in relation to their students. All departmental student record systems are required to comply with the Policy, Procedures and Guidelines under the Data Protection Act 1998.    
Information about undergraduate admission and registration is available in the undergraduate prospectus and the Admissions Policy which includes information on admission requirements and the verification of qualifications. Information on graduate admission and registration is contained in the graduate prospectus and the graduate admissions policy.    
Undergraduate registration procedures are available from the Student Administration Service.    
Information about Graduate study at Bradford, including an index of courses, financial information and application forms.    
The Regulations govern student discipline.    
The University's procedure for dealing with complaints is managed by the Breaches, Appeals and Complaints office internally and from the University Secretary for external complaints.    
Departments generally have their own student policies, which are generally included in departmental student handbooks (contact via the Faculties page).    
The Student Administrative Services handbook contains information in relation to general student welfare.    
Student welfare information is concentrated in Academic Development Unit. There is additional information their handbook.    
The Policy on substance abuse and on the use of drugs is available from the Academic Development Unit.     
Information on the Hardship Fund is held by the Students' Union site.    
Information about security can be obtained from Security Services.    
The Student Administrative Services and the Students' Union maintain information about visas.    
 5.4 Procedures and policies relating to human resources Human Resources' policies and procedures contain information on the University's policies, strategies and procedures in relation to employment and employer relations. This includes the Employee Relations Structure.    
The University's Staff Development Policy and the current staff development programme are available from Staff Development.    
Human Resources similarly maintains information about the University's Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure, Dignity and Respect Policy, which contains sections on Bullying, Harassment and Victimisation Policy, etc.     
The Health and Safety Policy is kept on the Health and Safety site.    
 5.5 Procedures and policies relating to recruitment Information on Recruitment and Selection is held on the Human Resources site. Job vacancies at the University are publicly advertised in appropriate media, including the Job Vacancies page, with more information being contained on the internal Human Resources site.    
 5.6 Code of conduct for members of governing body The University expects members of Council to abide by the Committee of University Chairmen Guide for Members of Governing Bodies of Universities and Colleges in England and Northern Ireland. All members of Council sign a form to declare that they will abide by the principles of the Nolan Commission.    
 5.7 Equality and diversity The University's information on its Equality and Diversity Policy is contained within the Equality and Diversity site. There is also information about the University's Dignity and Respect Policy and a link to the Equality Act 2010.    
 5.8 Health and safety Information on the University's Health and Safety Policy is contained within the Health and Safety department.    
Information on the University's insurance procedures can be obtained from Finance site.    
Please note that the University of Bradford's Employer's Liability cover is provided by Zurich Municipal. The reference number is NHE-03CA01-0023.    
 5.9 Estate management Information about the University's responsibilities to the environment, including disposals policy, is contained in the Environmental Performance Policy.    
The Estates Strategy has been formulated in support of the University Plan. The Estates Annual Report is also available.    
Information about facilities management policies can be obtained from the Estates and Facilities Directorate.    
Information on grounds and buildings maintenance is available through Estates and Facilities.    
 5.10 Complaints policy The policy and procedure for dealing with complaints from students and student applicants is maintained by the Breaches, Appeals and Complaints section.    
Policies and procedures governing grievances by staff are maintained within Human Resources. The procedure for dealing with external complaints is available from Breaches, Appeals and Complaints.    
The complaints procedure governing the University website is available on most web pages or this can be reported via email.    
 5.11 Records management and personal data policies

 I.T. Services work within the context of the Data Protection Act 1998. Other relevant areas of information includes: -

  • CHEST Code of Conduct;
  • Code of Practice for Information Access and Security, including key points;
  • IP numbers for Utilnet-connected devices;
  • Policy on Information Access and Security;
  • Regulation 21;
  • University and Code of Practice on the Use of Electronic Communication;
  • Wireless networking Policy.

NB The University has a Records Management Policy (Word 270kb)

The use of CCTV in the University conforms to the Code of Practice for CCTV issued by the office of the Information Commissioner and here is the Policy: CCTV Policy (pdf 264kb)    
Here is information about the Library's collection, acquisition, management and disposal policy. There is also information on I.T. Services' policy on information and security access.    
There is information on the  Commonweal Collection and its other special collections on the Library site.    
 5.12 Research policy and strategy The University's Research Policies and Research Strategy are available online.    
Intellectual property arrangements are set out in the Ordinances and Regulations.    

Here are the terms of reference and constitution of the Ethics Committee. Non-exempt minutes, agendas and other papers are available through the Ethics Committee secretary.

5.13 Charging regimes The University charges according to the guidelines set out in the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.    

6. Lists and registers

This section covers information on the University's current lists and registers. Some information in this section may be exempt from disclosure where such disclosure would damage the University's commercial interests.

 6.1 Any information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers The University's notification of its uses of personal data is hosted externally by the Information Commissioner's Office in the Public Register of Data Controllers.    
 6.2 Asset registers Information in relation to major capital assets is maintained by the Finance Department.    
 6.3  Register of interests 

Information about the Register of Interests for members of the Senior Management Team and members of Council are available from the University Secretary on request.


7. The services we offer

This section contains information about services the University offers.

 7.1 Prospectus The University makes its undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses available online.    
 7.2 Services for outside bodies Information on the external services offered by the University's trading companies is maintained on the Governance site.    
7.3 Course content

Information on undergraduate and postgraduate course content is provided on the website.

Course brochures are available from the Study at Bradford website.

7.4 Welfare and counselling Information on student welfare and counselling is available through the Counselling Service and via the Students' Union. Information on staff welfare and counselling is also available through the Counselling Service.    
7.5 Health including medical services The University Health Centre is run by Bradford Student Health Centre.    
7.6 Careers Information about careers is available from Career Development Services.    
7.7 Chaplaincy services Information about chaplaincy and contacts from other faiths is available from the Faith Matters site.    
7.8 Nursery facilities The University Nursery site provides information on childcare services for both staff and students at the University.    
7.9 Sports and recreational facilities Information on sports and recreational facilities can be found on the Unique site.    
 7.10 Libraries, special collections  and archives The opening hours of the University Library and its Special Collections can be found on the web.    
Regulations (including Copyright regulations) for the use of the Library are also available.    
The University Library catalogue can be searched online.    
There is information on the Library's Special Collections available online.    
All of the Library's Special Collections operate within their own policies.    
 7.11 Conference facilities The University of Bradford's events are run by Events Bradford.    
 7.12 Advice and guidance The Students' Union site contains information on the University's Immigration Advice.    
 7.13 Community engagement University staff and students are engaged in a wide range of activities within the community, including student volunteers working in local schools, programmes to encourage lifelong learning, public lectures and concerts.    
 7.14 Media releases University press releases are published by the Marketing Communications office.    
 7.15 University guidance The University magazine is also published by the Marketing Communications office.    
 7.16 Guide to Expertise Information on staff research specialisms is contained in the Guide to Expertise.