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Tasmin Little Music Centre

The Sense of Adventure Tape Deck Orchestra at Folk Narratives 08/12/12

Bradford Threadfest

Bradford Threadfest

Tying together Bradford’s under-heard live music. 24 - 27 May 2012. Free.

Bradford Threadfest

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Despite appearances, on any given week in Bradford there are numerous pockets of cultural activity bubbling away beneath the surface. The city has a long and rich history of self-organised, grassroots music performed for Love Not Money and often making use of non-conventional spaces. Likewise, many independent organisations and venues have fed the lifeblood of this former Wool Capital of the World in its post-industrial transition. Accordingly, Bradford has played host to - and produced - some of the most diverse, radical and uncompromised music of the last few decades, often with little or no fanfare.

The drawback to such a humble approach is that underground activity is difficult to know about without a ‘way in’ and there is rarely an opportunity for the various scenes and communities to cross-pollinate, share and develop audiences. Bradford Threadfest aims to help address this by highlighting and joining up some of the already-existing activity of the city, celebrating its everyday extraordinariness and providing a platform to build on these oft-overlooked foundations.

A free event, Threadfest sees a number of individuals, bands, promoters, organisations and venues work together to collectively offer a taste of the hard-to-find live music and culture on offer in Bradford to the unfamiliar. The thread between these events takes the form of a Bradford Music Map that helps audiences new and old navigate the city. There is no specified path or correct order of things, no headliners and support acts, just music that you hopefully haven’t come across all at once. Bradford has a lot on offer regularly and it’s time these place-specific noises began to resonate beyond their immediate locality. Come along and help join the dots.

Bradford Threadfest is a joint effort by a collective of individuals, groups and organisations. Donations will be accepted on the day to aid the formation of a Bradford Music Network to help sustain and share this activity with a wider audience.


‘The city was alive and buzzing with people from all walks of life playing and celebrating together…A special acknowledgement must be made to the esteemed Andy Abbott; fellow of music at the University and the chap whose brainchild this event was.  His progressive free-thinking and proactive DIO (do it ourselves) attitude has gifted Bradford a free music festival it had been crying out for for years’

Vibrations Magazine

‘When Black Moth are huge, the people who were at this gig will tell their mates in disbelief that they saw the band once at the 1 in 12 Club along with 70 other people’