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School of Chemistry and Biosciences

Join a highly active group of fundamental and applied scientists, providing high quality teaching and research at the University of Bradford.

The School of Chemistry and Biosciences carries out teaching and research across a broad range of fundamental and applied physical sciences, with a remit to develop new compounds and materials, improve our understanding of physical processes and apply that knowledge across a broad range of biological arenas.

Thanks to our improved understanding of medical healthcare concerns, fundamental development of drugs and biofunctional materials can be incorporated into future medical technologies.


"This school has been established to support research and teaching in both Chemistry and Biosciences, and to facilitate work across this vital interface. Our aim is to build these interactions to become a globally leading institution at the interfaces of Chemistry, Materials and the Biosciences."

Head of School

As well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in our main teaching streams of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences, we are highly active researchers offering postgraduate research programmes in any of the following areas:

The School of Chemistry and Biosciences is committed to teaching and researching modern scientific breakthroughs at the highest standard, and is dedicated to promoting equality and diversity in all forms.

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