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Accessing Files

File space

M: drive

You have a personal drive (called your M drive) on our central server, which is backup up nightly. You may use this for saving your academic work.

Note: if you are a student within the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics you may have other file space. Please ask your School for support.

It is possible to recover a deleted file or folder from your M drive.

You can also access your M drive remotely.


OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage that is available to you as part of your University's Office 365 account (along with email and calendar). Saving your academic work to OneDrive means you can access your files anywhere, anytime via the Portal.

Please be careful when deleting files from OneDrive; the University cannot retrieve deleted items for you. Deleted items are moved to the OneDrive's Recycle Bin and retained for 90 days, or until the bin is emptied, but after this time files cannot be recovered.

Back up your work

Ensure you always have a backup copy of your work in case anything should go wrong (for example your file becomes corrupt). Back up your data to a CD or another computer (for example at home). USB memory sticks are for transporting data and you are advised not to use them as a means of back up.