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Peer Supported Review of Teaching Practice (PSRTP)

Following the pilot implementation during 2009/10 session, Senate 4 2010/11 agreed the roll-out of Peer Supported Review of Teaching Practice (PSRTP) and the following recommendations from the Learning & Teaching Committee’s Working Group on Professional Development of Teaching Expertise in Staff:

  1. The roll-out of Peer Supported Review of Teaching as envisaged in Outcomes of Pilot Implementation
  2. The aim of the process is to identify excellence in learning and teaching and to allow reflection in order to identify areas for development/improvement.
  3. In light of the above, it would be expected that the outcomes of peer review of teaching should be brought to performance review.
  4. The outcomes of peer review can be used to support claims of teaching excellence.  This can take two forms; firstly, a consistent record of reviews noting excellence, or secondly, the reviews show a reflective developing excellence.
  5. That peer review of teaching is not used as the sole judge of teaching quality.
  6. Any claim for promotion or reward based on teaching excellence should include a record of their peer reviews triangulated against other evidence.

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