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Graduate Attributes and Employability

During their time at the University of Bradford, we want to provide all of our students with the opportunity to develop qualities, skills and understanding that go beyond the disciplinary expertise or technical knowledge and prepare them for the next steps in their lifelong learning journey/career pathway.

The University has approved three key domains of graduate attributes; these are outlined below with links to the associated employability capabilities for which support is available from Career & Employability Services. These attributes are developed through:

  • the curriculum (e.g. developing team-working skills through collaborative learning);
  • co-curricula activities (e.g. communication and problem-solving skills through being a student  representative on Staff Student Liaison Committees or school organised work-based placement);
  • extra-curricula learning activities organised by the student (e.g. volunteering; part-time job; committee member of a UBU student organisation).

The Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) may be used to record co-curricula and extra-curricula activities.

Domain 1: Academic Development and Critical Thinking

The Bradford Graduate is:

Domain 2: Employability and Professionalism

The Bradford Graduate is:

Domain 3: Inclusivity

The Bradford Graduate is:

Employability resources