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Carol Higgison LLB, MSc, TQ(FE)

Senior Adviser on e-Learning

Carol Higgison LLB, MSc, TQ(FE)

Contact Carol for:

  • Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).
  • e-Assessment.
  • Turnitin.
  • EMA Project.
  • VLE Review.
  • Arranging programme design workshops.


Carol Higgison is the Senior Adviser on E-Learning at the University of Bradford. She advises the University on strategy in relation to e-learning and promotes the development of policy and effective practice in the application of e-learning. Her main focus is enhancing students' learning by working collaboratively with academic departments and schools in supporting staff in the use of information and communication technologies in teaching, learning and assessment and evaluating these innovations. Current areas of development include computer assisted assessment, e-portfolios, accessibility of e-learning, plagiarism detection, streaming media and online support for distance and flexible learning. On the academic side, Carol contributes to the development and delivery of the Post Graduate Certificate/MEd in HE Practice and the integrated staff development programme, including the development of online courses for staff development, and co-supervises a PhD student. Carol sits on a variety of University Committees including the University Senate.

Externally Carol has responsibility for maintain links and representing the University with national agencies including the HE Academy e-Learning Research Centre, Heads of e-Learning Forum, the Association for Learning Technology (membership committee and ALT-C 2006 programme committee), the JISC and local staff development networks. She is currently managing the JISC funded Enhancing Learner Progression (ELP) project, which in partnership with Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan Universities, is exploring the through the use of e-Portfolios in a range of educational contexts. Previously Carol managed Bradford's contribution to the JISC funded INLEI project researching the Impact of Large-Scale Networked Learning on Educational Institutions. Carol has also undertaken consultancy work for the JISC and the LTSN Generic Centre (now the HE Academy) and is currently working with the Scottish QAA on their enhancement theme of Flexible Delivery.

Summary biography

Previously Carol worked at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, co-ordinating a four-year Scottish staff development programme to support the effective application of ICT in higher education (TALiSMAN) funded by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council. She then obtained further SHEFC funding for, and managed, a two year Online Tutoring Skills project (OTiS), in partnership with the Robert Gordon University that harnessed exiting international knowledge about online tutoring and established a resource pool for practitioners; and was on the Steering Group of the Virtual Learning Space and Netculture projects. Carol has also been an online tutor for Open University's MA in Open and Distance Learning and tutored staff in Romania as part of an EU funded project (LOLA) developing lecturers skills in online learning in 11 Central European Countries.

Links to institutions, organisations and projects referenced above can be found in the links section at the end of this page.

Publications and presentations

Carol is co-author and editor of the OTiS e-Workshop publications including an international e-book on Online Tutoring Skills  and a collection of 80 case studies . Over the past few years Carol has co-authored and edited a variety of publications online tutoring and e-learning.

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