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I would like to personally welcome you to the Centre for Skin Sciences, one of the most well known academic centres in Britain for research and teachin in skin science.

The Centre has a faculty of internationally renowned scientists whose mission is to better understand skin and hair biology, to provide an exciting research environment for our graduate and post graduate students and to develop successful partnerships with companies developing innovative new products for consumers and patients.

Our research explores the cellular and molecular processes underlying skin and hair biology in both health and disease including world leading research focussed on the role of epigenetic processes in skin and hair biology and through 35 years of research into wound healing, as part of our charity, the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit. Our ethos is to work with human tissues and cells to maximise relevance of our work to human biology and we work together with our award winning BioBank - Ethical Tissue - to do this.

Excellence is recognised through substantial investment from both industry and research councils, leading to high impact research outputs and we deliver skin and hair science knowledge and expertisae into undergraduate and post graduate programmes of study in the Faculty of Life Sciences


Dr Julie Thornton, Director, Centre for Skin Sciences

Our overall aim is to develop a substantial skin and hair sciences portfolio centred on high quality, high impact research with a balanced mix of translational and basic projects set in a high performing, financially sustainable centre of research excellence. Dr Julie Thornton, Director, Centre for Skin Sciences

The Centre for Skin Sciences Academic Faculty

Post Graduate Opportunities in Skin Sciences

MSc Skin Sciences and Regenerative Medicine

Skin sciences and regenerative medicine are not only important in treatment of human diseases and disorders, but also in improving the personal appearance and well-being. Personal care and cosmetics industry is based on skin sciences and generates over 500 billion USD in revenue annually.  Importantly, consumers and regulatory agencies increasingly expect the new personal care and cosmetic products to be developed using solid evidence based science.

Our MSc programme provides students with unique blend of advance knowledge, understanding and practical research skills in skin sciences and regenerative medicine based on modern principles of molecular, cell and development biology. It also provides knowledge and skills required to develop and lounge new products in life science industry.

As the MSc in Skin Sciences and Regenerative Medicine graduate you can make impact in many areas including:

  • the regenerative medicine industry and clinical practise
  • biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry
  • personal care and cosmetic industry
  • sales and marketing in life science industry

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For General enquiries and interest in studying skin sciences please contact

Prof Vladimir Botchkarev


Prof Kevin McElwee


Dr Julie Thornton


Dr Michael Fessing - Programme Lead for MSc in Skin Sciences and Regenerative Medicine



For Business enquiries please contact

Dr Gill Westgate - Business Development Manager CSS




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