ATAS Clearance

What is ATAS?

The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) scheme is designed primarily for students applying for postgraduate study in the UK in certain sensitive subject areas. These include some Engineering, Medicine and Science related courses that require students to obtain an ATAS certificate to study in the UK from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Who needs an ATAS certificate?

The requirement for a student to obtain an ATAS certificate is established by the code which represents their subject area, this is called a JACS code. The JACS code will confirm your area of study and it will determine if you need to obtain an ATAS certificate.

You can check if your JACS code is subject to ATAS clearance via the Applicants' criteria on the FCO website.

How do I find out my JACS code?

Your offer letter will tell you if you need ATAS clearance and it will include the JACS code for the course you will be coming to study. You will need to obtain an ATAS certificate before applying for your visa. The Visa Support Team will only issue you with a CAS once the ATAS certificate has been issued.

Applying for your ATAS certificate (pdf 552 kb)

Applying for your ATAS Certificate (word 19 kb)